Self-Belief Key for Successful Women

Self-Belief Key for Successful Women

Women Need Self Belief

Even as few as 30 years ago in the UK, it was rare to discover a woman leading in the workplace. Being the owner of a business, in truth, would have been thought almost unattainable by many women.

Happily, fast forward to the present day and the business community has evolved to some extent. As case in point examples, the chair of the US Federal Reserve, General Motors, and IBM are run by women. Almost 60% of university graduates across the whole world are women, 21% OF FTSE 100 company directors are now female and since June 2014, and for the first time, there are no all-male FTSE 100 boards – but obviously more needs to be done. There can be no better business cause to champion other than to persuade many more wonderfully talented women into business leadership.

Women do still continue to be underrepresented as a rule in many companies, in particular at the higher-ranking levels.  Women have tremendous untapped potential on one hand, and then there is an unbalance of female managers from the uppermost levels of commerce on the other.  A look inwards towards the mindset that potential female leaders have, as well as the institutional setup of organisations, does need to be looked at.  Women can perhaps very often be said to be our own worst enemies.

We understand that women regularly allude to a general lack of confidence as their basis for not achieving their potential in the workplace.

This lack of confidence can lead to significantly holding women back and can also lead to a lack of firm grip on the climb up the career ladder. This will unfortunately hold back the accomplishment of any woman’s successful economic future. Potential female leaders need to be attentive to this ‘inner voice’ that can sound out a lack of propulsion. Lack of confidence in business leadership can have a devastating impact on lifelong success. Not believing that you can do something can have an affect on our capability to accomplish ourselves in our business environments. Women are what they believe they are.

Self confidence can affect female leadership as it offers up a lower expectation to women of how their companies can grow, and this can occur to even to high powered workers.

Why Do We Hold Back Our Own Leadership Potential?

Women can be said to be far more risk aware in both their personal and professional lives. If you recognise the feeling of being anxious that if you ‘help’ or ‘push an idea forward’ then things could go wrong then you may be suffering from leadership anxiety. Very often, and most worryingly, women can be needlessly scared of achieving too much and drawing attention to themselves and their successes.

This is despite the very real fact that countless current surveys consistently show that the financial performance of most companies is usually bigger with female management, rather than without. Where glass ceilings do exist, so do the opportunities for diversification in the market place, as long as women believe it is possible for them to reach.

These are challenging and changing times so the skills set of our female leaders needs to brimming with assertiveness, be up to date and to meet the needs or vibrant organisations. There is helpfully a place to go for career inspiration and assistance with female leadership development, exists to inspire women to look beyond their perceived limitations. It offers invaluable advice and collaborative peer support via their easy to sign up to Linkedin group called IN Women, to help women become leading and influential leaders of the future.


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